Village of Hazel Crest Mayor

Employer / Organization

Village of Hazel Crest

Next Election

Apr 06, 2021

Filing Window

Dec 14, 2020 - Dec 21, 2020


The mayor is the presiding officer and a regular member of the city council. The mayor has all the powers and duties for the office of council member, in addition to those of mayor. Mayors often take the role as the public representatives of their cities, perform ceremonial duties, and have the power of appointment for various advisory boards and commissions.

Application Guidelines
To run for this position you must contact the City Clerk first and be aware that the filing window is one week long, which is 113 days prior to the election to 106 days prior to the election. If you are considering running, contact the City Clerk as soon as possible to verify that your address is eligible to run for the position you are considering, and to clarify the requirements for running (petition signatures, filing fees, etc.) The City Clerks are the administrators for the elections and their purpose is to help voters and candidates, so contact them as soon as possible. Additionally, please use the weblink to the Candidate Guide provided by the State of Illinois on this page.

Submit application to:
Hazel Crest Village Hall, 3000 West 170th Place, Hazel Crest, IL, 60429, US